We've all had this conversation right around this time of year. Some of us dread it, while others welcome it. This debate is one we've all picked a side on, and it's once again time to argue this one topic.

The Existence Of Daylight Savings Time.

For me personally, I love when it gets darker earlier. It honestly helps my mind and body prepare for bed easier knowing that it's darker quicker. But for others, and we've seen the countless memes about it getting dark quickly.

Some prefer it to stay brighter longer, and both sides have pushed for one time throughout the year. Recently however, Daylight Savings could be coming to an end, but there's still a lot to be discussed.

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For some doctors in Central Texas, the thought of Daylight Savings Time becoming the time we all follow isn't as appealing as we believe.

Which Time Is Better For Us?

Our news partners at KWTX spoke with doctors in the area to discuss the time that could possibly be best for Texans. A Sleep Specialist at Baylor Scott & White, Carl David Boethel, said when interviewed that the extra hour of sleep we gain when DST ends is very helpful. Also helping during standard time is the extra sunlight we receive in the morning.

According to Boethel, the extra sunlight received in the morning helps us operate better. When DST goes back into effect, multiple issues arise, and people's rhythm's are thrown off by the time change. Boethel concluded that he would prefer standard time to be the time that becomes the norm, rather than Daylight Savings Time becoming the norm, which seems to be the current way of thinking.

He's not the only doctor that suggests standard time should be the time we all adhere to, as data shows other doctors like the idea of standard time staying.

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