Temple police say a man may be impersonating a police officer in order to lure robbery victims.

Deborah McKeon with the Temple Daily Telegram reports that a Mama Fu's employee was approached by a man claiming to be an officer Friday evening. The man reportedly drove a newer-model Ford with red and blue lights and wore a long sleeve shirt with a badge.

The victim told police the phony officer approached his car and asked to see a driver's license and proof of insurance. He then told the victim to exit the vehicle. When the victim did so, the impostor hit him on the back of the neck, emptied the victim's wallet, then fled in the Ford.

Police are asking anyone with information about the crime or the fake officer to call the Temple Police Department at (254) 298-5500.

We found an article from KHON news offering advice to anyone who feels they may be interacting with someone impersonating a police officer. The article recommends asking the officer for an identification card, asking them to contact their supervisor to verify who they are (even insisting that the supervisor physical visit the scene), or calling 911 to confirm the officer's identity.

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