Back in October, the Temple Police Department announced that they'll be cracking down on parking violations in Downtown Temple.

"In response to community and business concerns about safety and accessibility, the Temple Police Department will soon increase parking measures in Downtown Temple for all visitors and residents," Temple Police Department spokesman Cody Weems wrote in a news release.

The plan was to issue warnings with informational flyers when people overstayed their welcome in 2-hour parking spaces, didn't park between the lines, backed into angled parking spaces, were more than 18 inches for the curb when parallel parking, or parked in loading zones, alleys, or valet areas.

That grace period was scheduled to last until December 1st, but police announced Monday that they'll extend that to mid-December. They didn't give an exact date though, so my advice is to just make sure you're not being a bad parker.

I feel like that should go without saying, but how many times have you seen people parked on the line or practically in the middle of the street in Downtown Temple? I see it far too often. Business owners in the area have certainly seen it as well, and their concerns were a driving force behind TPD's cracking down.

We want to make sure everyone has a fun, safe experience when visiting downtown Temple,” Weems wrote. “Keeping these parking regulations in mind will ensure everyone has access to all the new and exciting businesses and events in Downtown Temple.”

He's so polite. I would say something like, "Hey, ya big derps. If you can't grasp the concept of keeping things inside the lines, I recommend repeating kindergarten and practicing on a coloring book."

That's why I'm not a public information officer.

Come mid-December, police will be issuing plenty of tickets to people parking like jerks downtown. If you know someone whose parking skills leave a lot to be desired, give them a heads up. They can brush up on their Temple parking laws by scrolling to Chapter 37, Article IV of the City of Temple Code of Ordinances.

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