You would think that nine in-store security cameras would deter thieves, but that is not the case at a Temple liquor store.

Over the past couple of weeks, Point Liquor 3 on West Adams Ave. has had multiple cases of thieves stealing liquor. One guy didn’t even try to hide the fact, as he walked out of the store with two half gallon bottles of Crown Royal (each bottle worth about 60 dollars).

At the Walmart in Corsicana, if you want to buy makeup, you have to get an employee to unlock the makeup case. You get what you want and then they place it in a locked plastic container that a cashier later removes.

I'm thinking the owner of the liquor store should lock the door, install a window, and have people place their order outside. Pay first or no drinkie. This is why we can't have nice things, ya'll.

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