Times are tough for a lot of people during the pandemic. Lots of folk are still waiting to go back to work. Monthly bills still need to be paid and people gotta eat. Fortunately, there are programs set up to help for just about every need.

The Central Texas Food Bank has posted dates and times in September for both Temple and Waco drive thrus.

In Temple, it'll be on Saturday, September 12 at Temple College, 2600 S. 1st Street, from 9a-12p.

In Waco, it'll be on Saturday, September 3 at Waco ISD, 1401 S New Road, from 10a-12p.

Each attendee will receive between 44 and 76 pounds of food, depending on available supplies.

Volunteers are needed, so if you'd like to help please visit the Food Bank’s website at  centraltexasfoodbank.org and click the “Volunteer” tab to sign up.

Receiving is one thing, giving is another. If you'd like to donate monetary donations are being accepted at centraltexasfoodbank.org.

Safety is a top priority at these events, so volunteers ask that you wear a mask if you'll be interacting with them. Ideally, you'll have plenty of space in the trunk or bed of your vehicle, and volunteers can load the food right into it.

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