School Finance Bill on its way to Govoners desk.

CBS Austin is reporting that Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Bonnen got together to announce House Bill 3 is being finalized.

It's a school finance bill and will devote $4.5 billion to classrooms. As well as provide $5 billion in property tax relief, and reduce recapture payments by $3.6 billion. Wait, there's more. The bill would also provide $2 billion for raises for teachers, librarians, counselors, and nurses. Hang on. You mean they still have libraries in schools? Do they still have books? I would've thought they'd just have a bunch of Zip drives that they pass out to kids for their Ipads. Who knew.

Here's the kicker. HB 3 provides property tax relief, but lawmakers are still finalizing Senate Bill 2 which put a cap on how much cities and counties can raise property taxes without an election.

State officials are optimistic and say that a deal is almost done, and a possible announcement is expected any day.

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