A teacher at a French Catholic school in Ontario has been “relieved of her duties” after she allegedly forced an eight-year-old girl to eat food from a garbage can.

It started when the third-grader threw an old banana into a trash can.  Her teacher, Renee Oettershagen was shall we say appalled!

The girls grandma told local news that the teacher dug the banana out of the trash can, peeled it, ate a piece and then told the little girl to eat the rest.


After hearing about this, Grandma and Ma went to the school and talked to the teacher who basically said it was one of those life lessons, ”Don’t Waste Food”.

The next day they talked to the principal who didn’t seem to think it was that big a deal either.

The family says they also learned the teacher had taken sandwiches out of the garbage and insisted the girl eat those in front of the class too.  Once again the lesson is, “Don’t Waste Food!”

Later on Grandma and Ma found out that the teacher already had a disciplinary hearing pending before the Ontario College of Teachers because of allegations of “professional misconduct” and “incompetence.”

Global News reports that since the garbage incident, the teacher has been, “relieved of her duties.”


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