Packing for a vacation can be such an ordeal we need a vacation after we’re finished.

A new survey reveals that 20% of people need at least one day to pack, while one-third will set aside one-two hours just to complete the task.

The thought of filling suitcases with clothing seems to be overwhelming -- 22% say packing is stressful and 44% elect to write a check list to make sure they don’t forget anything.

A total of 68% prefer to pack too much than too little, while 23% wedge as much as possible into their carry-on bags so they don’t have to check in another piece of luggage.

In the battle of the sexes, people seem to think women have the upper hand, with 69% saying they’re neater packers.

Now, make sure to pack all this info away the next time you're getting ready to go away this summer.

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