Remember the saying, "Children should be seen and not heard"? What ever happened to that?

KHOU11 is reporting that a couple of kids in Massachusetts have created a 3D crosswalk. Why? To fool people driving vehicles that range from 3500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. That's really not a good idea.

The thinking of children is that if it looks like the white strips of the crosswalk are floating off the ground people will slow down. O.K. sure. First time it might work. If, of course, you don't freak out the driver so badly that they swerve out of the street and up on the sidewalk and take out a bunch of kids.

Yeah, it could happen.

Think about some of the idiots that are driving around out there. You know the ones. The same idiots that drive down the middle of the road texting. They look up for a second, see the road floating in front of them, swerve out of the way, and kids die.

O.K. so maybe that won't happen, but here's what will. Drivers will get used to being fooled optically. So the next time they drive by the school, maybe there's a kid in the crosswalk, so now they don't slow down because they know that this is possibly another optical illusion. They might even speed up. You know they would. And another kid is dead.

So now there are possibly up to 10 dead children because of a child's idea.

If you want vehicles to slow down around a school, here's what you do. You put those portable speed readers up around the school. You know the ones. It flashes your speed back at you. Yeah, those. You post 15 mph and the machine blinks the drivers speed back at them if they're over the limit. If the driver is still speeding when they get to the speed machine, then the machine gun that's attached to the speed reader goes off and the driver is spooked.

Now before you go all liberal on me, look at this idea logically. Now what would you rather see? Children flattened, or mouth-breathing idiots without the common sense God gave a dog scared straight?

You don't speed around schools!

If you're that stupid, you shouldn't be operating heavy machinery like automobiles.

There. Harsh reality from someone who's not a child. Don't bother complaining. I already know that common sense has no place in society any longer, so by all means continue on with your Illusion confusion because the kids came up with it. That's so adorable.

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