A Fort Hood soldier trying to get home for Memorial Day received an incredible gift from a complete stranger.

KRIV-TV reports that 19-year-old Army mechanic Keaton Tilson received permission to travel home to Illinois for Memorial Day after not having been home since Christmas. The young soldier paid for a standby ticket at the Dallas-Forth Worth International airport, where he reportedly waited for two days in hopes of getting a last-minute seat on a flight.

When Josh Rainey heard about Tilson's situation, he offered to give his ticket to the soldier, but the gesture was a violation of the airline's rules. Rainey called his wife for guidance, and they agreed that they had to buy Tilson a ticket.

Rainey bought the ticket, and only asked for a hug in return. Tilson told KRIV he and Rainey fought back tears, and expressed his gratitude for Rainey stepping up to help a fellow human being.

The story was picked up by Inside Edition, who published the video below. It's hard not to tear up a little when you see Tilson reunite with his family.


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