This is why America is great already. Our ability to make it work.

The Midland Reporter-Telegram is reporting on a video that is making the rounds that shows a Texas Longhorn getting a special ride in Nebraska.

If you have to move a longhorn, but you don't have a trailer, then it's time to modify.

Start with an old police cruiser. I'm sure there are a lot of longhorns that have experience riding around in one of those. Yank off the passenger door. Remove the windshield on the passenger side. Throw on a cattle guard for a door. And then cut out half of the roof. Presto. Longhorn Mobile.

They might want to insert a windshield wiper on the back half in the future. See if you can figure out why. (Warning: Video contains NSFW language, so turn your volume down so your boss doesn't hear.)

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