Here comes the mixtape to end all mixtapes. Like the world itself, everything comes back around.  Sony has reveled a storage device that will hold 185 terra bytes of data.  I give you, the cassette.

Big Q Photos
Big Q Photos

No surprise it's Sony that has come up with this, but you won't be able to jam to it in an old cassette deck. No money in that. This is for long-term, industrial-sized data backup. Remember, you can save 148 GB per square inch. Maybe, what, 3 revolutions of the wheels?

To DJ proof it for you, it would be 3 Blu-Rays on one square inch of tape.  Insert WTF here.

No word yet on when this will hit the market, but if I had to wager a guess, it'll come with a free pair of bell bottoms.

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