This weekend is the unofficial start of Summer. Do you have a plan to keep busy? Here's a thought...

Maybe start making your Christmas presents for the relatives. How does a solid wood table made with resin sound. Forget how it sounds. See how it looks.

Not only do they look cool, they also offer an opportunity for a chance to be the most evil person on the planet.

Get a group of mosquitos together. Take them to the hospital. Let them bite people with diseases that will be cured in the future.

Then make sure you bury the mosquitoes in the resin. Hundreds of years from now some kid will find your tables, laced with deadly diseases. They'll see the mosquitos and decide to clone the last person they bit, because that's what children of the future will do for fun. And bang! You've just brought back horrific diseases that will decimate the overly sensitive Earthlings of the future. But perhaps I've said too much.



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