Does your pet howl at the moon? Well, you might want to keep them indoors during the solar eclipse or you might find you have a blind pet.

We will not be getting the full eclipse here in Texas. At least not for a few more years. But we will getting enough to make people, and possibly pets, curious. So, unless you fit your pet with the special glasses, you might want to keep them indoors so they don't hurt themselves.

I have acutally seen a full eclipse. I was living in North Dakota during the last full solor eclipse to go over America back in 1979. It went over Washington State, Idaho, Montana, then it turned north into Canada halfway over North Dakota.

We had to make those pinhole viewers out of shoe boxes to see it.

We were warned not to look directly at it. Do you know any 10 year-olds? Yea, they don't listen. Some of us looked right at it, then bragged that we could still see it when we closed our eyes. According to, that's called "eclipse blindness". Turns out even though it doesn't hurt, it's burning cells in your retina, and they won't be coming back.

So make sure you're taking precautions, and make sure your pets are safe. And if you have 10-year-olds in your house, make sure they understand that going through puberty with glasses isn't the best experience a person can have.


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