Had a fun moment in the doctor's office last week.

Via Big Q/TSM
Via Big Q/TSM

I've got a few open wounds on my leg. Don't know why...yet. But, one thing that open wounds tend to do is create discharge.

Discharge...Fun loving substance created to guarantee a social awkward life. Plus a substance that doesn't taste good, even with honey.

"No Harry! I don't want any discharge and honey sandwiches. I don't care if they are toasted."

Well, this past week I had a doctor look at the wounds. To do that they had to remove my shoes and socks. Well the sock on my wounded leg was soaked in discharge. The nurse was gloved up when she removed my sock, and put said sock inside my shoe.

After the examination I expected the nurse to put my sock back on. I even requested she make sure she put the wet sock on the wet foot. She said she was getting me a new pair of socks.

"Why?" I asked. Yes, I actually asked why. When you live alone in your own filth long enough you really do forget what "gross" is.

Not only did she not put my dirty sock back on my foot, but she put said sock in a bag labeled "BioHazard".

Wow! That was a wake up call.

I just might have to look into this substance called "soap". Might be something to that.

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