Seriously? Really Killeen? Another disagreement leads to more lead being tossed? You do realize that the "statistics" that they use to figure out the "most dangerous cities" are stats from at least 2 years previous. So that means that even if Killeen turns over a whole new leaf, you're still going to be labeled as a Dangerous City for the next two years.

There has to be someone with money in Killeen that would be willing to open a pillow fighting store. Call it the Pillow Fight Club. It's better to fight with a pillow before you make a mistake and you find yourself biting the pillow.

You can make shirts. "Better to be a Pillow Fighter than a Pillow Biter."

If Killeen, your taste for blood has moved past pillows, then someone needs to open a slap bar. Maybe the Russians have the right idea with their slap contests.

The latest proof of the anger issues in Killeen happened Tuesday night.

KWTX is reporting that one person was injured after a shooting in the 4500 block of Chase Circle just after 7 p.m.

A witness told police several people had gotten into a fight and people started firing shots which led to one person being taken to Seton Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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