Everyone seems to think that shots fired in Killeen are the cause of everything bad in Central Texas. Odds are, it's not the cause of the warehouse fire in Waco.

KWTX is reporting that said warehouse fire caused approximately $300,000 in damages. The reason for the fire has not been determined as the investigation continues.

The Waco fire department incident report said the fire started just after 1:30 a.m. Saturday. There was a total of 11 units and 26 firefighters responded to the fire at 6000 Franklin Avenue behind Furniture Row.

When firefighters arrived they saw the warehouse was flamming. That is to say that it was showing flames from the 27,000 square foot structure.

The damage has made the building..."a very dangerous building since the steel frame was warped and bowed in the middle and needs to be torn down."

Yes, it's safe to say that shots being fired in Killeen didn't start the fire. Plus, odds are good that it also wasn't Billy Joel. When we find out, we'll fire off and update.

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