Well, one of my life questions have been answered.

I know some of you might wonder why one of my major life questions is

"How do they play pool on cruise ships?"

I played a lot of pool when I was a teenager. I also took a cruise in rough seas. As I was standing on the deck of the ship, trying to avoid flying puke.

(Big Q tip for you. If you're on a ship in rough seas, make your way to the front of the ship. It's tough to get puked on when all the vomit is traveling with the wind. Found out this the hard way when I was standing downwind from a good looking girl. I smiled, she barfed, I ducked.)

It was at this time I wondered how could you play a game of pool in rough seas, well now it is possible with gyro tables. The table autocorrects with the pitch of the ship. Science. Bitchin'.

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