Most of us woke up Thursday morning to news of the Russians restarting the Cold War. Now there's this tidbit of information.


It seems the state of readiness in this country is in horrific shape. The Council for a Strong America released some Political statistics about the youth of America.

The stats look at young adults from ages 17 to 24. It seems that 71% of those young people are ineligible for military service. The main reasons are poor education, obesity, and records of crime or drug abuse.

Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Norm Seip was kind enough to climb off his stationary bike to say, "The problem needs a team effort — at the federal level, the local level, parents, teachers, kids. We can't sweep it under the rug. If you look at the new national security strategy, we are in a competition with other powers."

As for Texas, the numbers are even worse, as 73% don't fit the bill.


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