A Tennessee man claims to have created the most terrifying haunted house in the United States. I wouldn’t say haunted. I’d say more along the lines of the movie “SAW”, but that’s just me.


The experience at McKamey Manor begins with the signing off on a 40-page waiver, watching a 2-hour training video, completing a physical, and the creation of a safe word. There is also a drug test, a background check and approval of a doctor. The cost to enter is a bag of dog food for the owner’s 5 dogs. Completing the tour could result in a 20-thousand-dollar prize for you. But don’t hold your breath.

The Summertown, Tenn. horror house is so extreme, no one has nabbed the 20 thousand dollars and owner Russ McKamey says his new haunted show, ‘Desolation,’ is his most extreme show to date. He says the mental assault has kept anyone from even starting the clock.

The two-hour training video, “And Then There Were None,” is a collection of every contestant who attempted McKamey Manor between July 2017 and August 2019. The video montage has each person quitting the tour with the required phrase… “You really don’t want to do this.” The video below was done when he did the event in San Diego. He says the experience is a boot camp/horror experience. MMMMkaaaaay.


Here is my take. This guy is a masochist...with a big ole’ SADO at the front. This deal appears to be more torture chamber and less haunted house with each second that ticks by in the required two-hour video.

Seriously. Watch the video, or at least fast forward through it like I did. I found nothing scary about it. I found it perverse. I saw a guy who likes to physically and verbally torture other people. I'm not alone. Those commenting on Youtube thought the same. One guy wondered if these videos are sold on the dark web. I wouldn't be surprised. What I’d recommend is having a member of our special forces go through this deal...but the guy probably wouldn’t allow it because he knows he would be writing a check for 20 thousand bucks.;)

Now, if you want a genuinely SCARY place to spend Halloween, you should try Silo of Screams in Temple. The crew out there put so much work into making it a terrifying experience, including articulating every inch of the place to make sure you're never taken out of the experience.

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