If I'd o' only new you could make a living doing this, I wouldn't've never gone to college for a year.

I'm old enough to remember the first pair of Air Jordans. I couldn't afford them. Well, I could, but it made no sense to me to spend more that $10 dollars for a pair of shoes. So, I went to K-Mart and bought the cheap knock-offs, then tried to draw the "Swoosh".

I was called stupid. That is, in between all the laughter. I finally bought a pair of Nikes about 20 years later. Worse F'n shoes I've ever owned. Pretty sure I'm not supposed to feel the staples. Horrible.

Now I see what Nike's are for. Drawing on them. Turns out you can make some money doing it.

Wide Open Country is reporting that a San Antonio sneaker artist designed a Whataburger Nike.

The Whataburger tweet is starting to go viral, but the shoes are a few years old.

Designed by Jake of Dank Customs.

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