Ross Perot, the man who split the Republican vote in 1992 & 1996, giving Bill, "I did not have yadda yadda yadda", Clinton two terms died surrounded by loved ones.

At the time of his passing Forbes' reports, he was worth $4.1 billion. It's good to see that his failed run didn't ruin him.

On a side note, because of him, I spent 6 of the Clinton years living in my parents' basement. It's not that I couldn't find a job, it's just that when you made fun of Hilary and Bill in the 90s you'd better be hiding or someone would suicide you. Allegedly.

Even though he inadvertently helped this country experience 8 years of Bill, "is that your daughter?" Clinton, he was an amazing man with an amazing story.

When you're born with nothing and end up dying with a little over $4 Billion in the bank you truly are what America is all about. The country where anyone can make it big and anyone can run for President. Condolences to the Perot family for their loss.



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