A photo of three working men standing atop a roof for the national anthem has garnered thousands of shares and become an inspiration to Americans who feel the recent NFL protests of the anthem are disrespectful.

Michelle Lyons Cossar of Old Town, Maine uploaded the photo to Facebook on Saturday, October 14. In the Facebook post, Cossar wrote:

Standing for the National Anthem at the Old Town Waterville football game today and from behind the stands we hear, 'Hey, look! They aren't kneeling.' When I turn to see who said it, this is what I saw...three men roofing a house and respecting the flag.

As of Tuesday morning, the photo had been shared more than 1,200 times and was being talked about on national news sites, including Fox News.

In the Fox piece, Cossar identifies the three men as Dwayne Harrison, Danny Thyng, and James Scruggs.

Harrison, who stands on the far right in the photo, said standing was simply "the right thing to do", and said he was not aware a photo was taken and was not trying to prove a point.

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