From - COVID-19 has now affected the way we talk. Think about it, when have you ever even heard the words coronavirus and COVID-19 before this all started?

Never? You're not alone, especially since COVID-19 is just the name for the latest novel strain of coronavirus. Since we are all very well aware of these words now, has added them plus a few more, with definitions to their website.

Some of the new words they've added are novel coronavirus, COVID-19shelter-in-place, and even the slang word rona. They've also given definitions to words like novel, PPE, and social distance.

These words and definitions may be new to us now, but will also be words we use with regularity from here on out. also comes out with it's "word of the year" every year in December. My money's on COVID-19, which is defined as coronavirus disease 2019: a potentially severe respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus and characterized by fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Thanks,

In case you're curious, existential was the 2019 Word of the Year. It's almost prophetic.

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