Putting out good news about the Texas economy never gets old!

According to the latest employment figures from Texas Workforce Commission, 6,700 “seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs” - their term, not mine, meaning they subtracted job losses and seasonal increases to balance everything out - were created in the state in February, but unemployment was up ever-so-incrementally to 4.9 percent from January’s 4.8.

Might not seem like a whole lot. Still, we’ll take it.

The industry with the biggest action: Education and Health Services added 11,700 private sector jobs. Other winners included Leisure and Hospitality (4,400) and Manufacturing (3,900.)

For all you data nerds, here are February stats for the Killeen/Temple area:


These local numbers are NOT adjusted for the season. In other words, this is the real deal.

“Texas’ labor force is the backbone of the Texas economy. It is made up of hard-working individuals who are eager to obtain the skills that our employers need,” said Julian Alvarez the Commissioner for Labor in a release to the media.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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