Thursday, October 12th, you're invited to come to the official ribbon cutting for Temple's Thornton Elementary School hosted by the Temple Chamber of Commerce.

You'll be able to take a tour from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

A new school sounds fun. Sure it's shiny and smells nice, but it also means you can't touch anything.

It's a lot like the week before Thanksgiving. Your mom cleans every room, and once she's done a room, you can't go inside that room until Thanksgiving. We called it the Countdown to Crazy. You got used to it after a few years. The tough times came when she cleaned the bathrooms first.

I guess we don't pee or shower for the next 7 days. Oh well.

When I was a freshman in high school, they finished building a new gym. The first time someone slammed their gym locker shut you'd have thought the world was going to end. The gym teachers lost their minds.

"Why would you slam the locker? Who needs to slam a new locker? You fu**ing ungrateful little bastards!"

Yes, teachers swore at us. It was the early 80s. Kids then had thicker skin. We weren't looking to shoot ourselves, or anyone else for that matter, when things didn't go our way. And we liked to slam lockers.

Now that was just a new gym. Good grief, imagine a whole new school. Frightening.


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