With so much negative news lately, I thought it'd be nice to share some good news for  a change. A retired Corpus Christi doctor is providing homeless and low-income people the care they need but can't afford.

KRIS reports that the good doctor's name is Dr. Wilbur Cleaves, and he's been volunteering his services at the Gabbard Clinic once or twice a week for the last 20 years. Dr. Cleaves provides the less fortunate with the care they need and wouldn't normally be able to afford anywhere else, and he doesn't let the pandemic slow him down.

He's now offering his free service to those who need it outside in the Gabbard Clinic's breezeway so he doesn't compromise his own health.

Dr. Cleaves says, “We’re a whole lot better than nothing and nothing is what most people get. So compared to nothing…we’re high tech.”

Cleaves believes that luck plays into life’s circumstances and that luck doesn’t give everyone the same opportunities. So he says he’s willing to risk his health to keep treating people in need, adding, “A doctor has it easy in this world, but we can’t all be doctors, so maybe it’s guilt.”

According to Healthgrades, Dr. Wilbur Cleaves, MD is a family medicine specialist with over 55 years of experience. He's also a graduated from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School class of 1966.

The rising cost of healthcare in this country has left so many people without the ability to get proper services. Thank you Dr. Cleaves for helping those individuals that need it and can't afford it.

The Gabbard Clinic also offers its services for free, and is offered through Metro Ministries. They also have a program where they offer clothing for the homeless.

Here in Central Texas, there are places where you can seek help if you're in need of care.

In Temple, there's the Community Clinic at 905 Curtis B Elliot Dr.

In Killeen, there's the Greater Killeen Community Clinic at 718 North 2nd Street, Suite A.

In Copperas Cove, there's the Cove House Free Clinic at 806 E Avenue D Suite H.

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