The Burger Battle Royale: oh baby, it's ON.


In a recent post on this very website, I pondered what exactly this space would soon become:

"...what restaurants are far enough out that such a location would make sense? ...I noticed there were three drive-through windows. That's not usually the format used by Jack, but is most definitely used at McDonald's."

Despite the visual evidence, I wondered if the golden arches company was bold enough to make such a move:

"A McDonald's directly facing Whataburger? That's a very bold move! America's number one hamburger chain versus the chain most associated with the state of Texas. That's a battle royale."

A "Royale with Cheese" to be exact.  Today, the mystery was solved.

That logo is unmistakable. -hoto by Darren Gauthier
That logo is unmistakable. - Photo by Darren Gauthier

Oh Em Gee. The gauntlet has been thrown down and it looks like a clown's glove. The number one burger chain in the world, the company for whom all of fast food would not exist had it not happened in California almost 70 years ago. This is a direct challenge to Texas' beloved burger.

Competition is good. It makes people work harder. Both chains and their people had better bring their "A" game.

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