An open records request sheds a little light on the closing of Temple Mall back on Monday, March 25th.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

According to our partners at News 10, a report has been released that sheds a little light on the Temple Mall shutdown back in March.

It seems that the mall was temporarily closed to new customers around 4:45 PM on March 25 after police received a report of a man walking around with a note on his shoulder.

According to documents obtained by News 10, the note read "There is a bomb in the mall". The man was reportedly last seen heading toward J.C. Penny. He was recorded by cameras, but the quality was insufficient to allow investigators to identify him.

When police arrived, they barred people from entering the mall but did not evacuate it. A unit of five officers was sent inside to search the building. The mall was declared secure and all-clear around 6:25 PM and reopened around 6:30 PM.

After the incident, police said they did not plan to release information about what they were told the note said “because it was speculation.”

I guess they didn't get the memo that in today's society, facts don't seem to matter.

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