It looks like people still expect to send their kids to school in the future.

Via Killeen ISD
Via Killeen ISD

We went from a computer in every home to a tablet for every student. Yet, people are still allowing themselves to be taxed for a huge building for people to teach our kids.

At what point do we just start downloading a school curriculum to that tablet the kid has? I guess it's further in future. We must be waiting for the digital implants to become a thing.

That being said, KWTX is reporting that KISD has released a rendering of what the new high school will look like.

It seems that people voted for a $426 million dollar bond issue for construction of a new high school, and renovations to some of the older buildings. It should be done in 2022.

The new school will be on Chaparral Road and will fit 2,500 students. It may also inclut a STEM focused program.

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