Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick has contributed guitar to a new reggae cover of his former band's hit single "Tears Are Falling." This time, however, he manages to stay dry during the solo.

Kulick's latest pandemic project finds him teaming up with Reggae Kiss, a Swedish band whose Facebook page explains its mission with the question, "What would it sound like if Kiss came from Jamaica?"

"Tears Are Falling" was the lead single from 1985's Asylum, Kulick's first album as Kiss' lead guitarist. The original video featured him performing his guitar solo while getting soaked during a tropical rainstorm.

"Since I was basically joining the band from out of nowhere, I was so blessed that there was something in the script [for me] to be featured," he told UCR last year. "Regardless of a shower or whatever, I was really proud of that."

He humorously references that scene by stepping into a shower with his guitar at the start of the new Reggae Kiss video, but he wisely opts not to risk actual water damage during the solo.

Watch Reggae Kiss and Bruce Kulick Perform 'Tears Are Falling'

"Who else takes showers and comes out of a pool in Kiss videos than me?" Kulick asks in a tweet promoting the new collaboration. "Love this song, love the video, hope you get the humor!"

Kulick has stayed busy during the pandemic with live streams and collaborations, including a recent cover of Kiss' "I Still Love You" that dedicated to his late brother Bob.

Both studio albums from Kulick's former band Union will also soon be reissued on vinyl. Union (from 1998) and The Blue Room (2000) also included singer and guitarist John Corabi, drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Jamie Hunting.

Watch Kiss Perform 'Tears Are Falling'


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