We all use it. It keeps us alive. It's Amazon gift cards, and now you can get some for your blood.


Back in 2011, I had a special health scare that forced me to insert rat poison into my body. Because of that, I wouldn't be able to donate blood anymore. So to do my part for donations, I'll tell you about this special deal.

Now through August 30th, when you give the gift of life, you get the gift of Amazon.

The American Red Cross is going to give you a Amazon gift card worth $5. Right now there is an emergency need for blood donations, so, as a special "thank you", you'll receive a $5 dollar gift card via e-mail for donation.

You can go online right now and make an appointment. If you can give the gift of life, there's no reason why you shouldn't, and one new reason why you should. Get your Amazon gift card today.

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