Pot sales in Oregon have skyrocketed for a second straight month as yet another sales record is set.

Kyle Iboshi at KCEN News reports that pot sales in Oregon have continued to rise with sales hitting 89 Million dollars in the month of April. That's up 45% compared to last year. That also means that the state of Oregon and it's counties are reaping the tax revenue benefit. The state taxes pot sales at 17% while counties or cities can add on an additional 3% tax. That revenue comes in handy right now as personal income and state lottery revenues are down because of the pandemic.

Will the pandemic open the eyes of legislatures in states where pot is illegal? That remains to be seen but look at the states where it is legal and you can see that the revenue generated from pot sales is greatly needed at a time when tax revenue and jobs are needed.

It's time to legalize marijuana Texas.

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