Anybody who knows me knows I am extremely proud to be from Killeen, Texas. Even when you hear the worst things about this town, you’ll never hear them from me.

However, I do have a good sense of humor about Killeen. I'm fully aware that it doesn't have the best reputation, and while I think there's a lot to love here if you know where to look, I can laugh when comedians point out our flaws.

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Recently I was introduced to a funnyman by the name of Ralph The Comedian who went viral a while back talking about Killeen.

The title of his viral TikTok was "Cities In Texas you Don't Wanna Visit pt.1". I was initially a little upset and ready to hate the guy, but his delivery was hilarious to me and I realized he'd gone after a few different towns.

The Comedian starts each section of the post by saying something along the lines of, "Do not go to this particular city, because there’s not a dang thing to do, dog", and then he goes into why.

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Ralph said folks should avoid Killeen because there is nothing here but cash advance places and run-down strip clubs.

"Granted you can have a really lit time out there in Killeen, but that’s all they have," he said.

Cash advances and strip clubs? Oh yeah, we've got 'em. But is that all we have to offer in Killeen? No way! If you've read any of my previous articles, you know I'm always trying to keep you on top of the events going on around here and the things that make Killeen culture fun and unique.

I get that he’s making a joke about each city, but I do feel protective when it comes to my hometown. The fact is that I live here and I know there are so many great things that we can enjoy.

But hey, you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

If you get a chance to check out the TikTok above, let me know what you think using the Chat button in our free app.

At the end of the day, we just have to consider that these are all jokes and there's a lot to love about where we live.

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