Starting November 1st, it'll get a little cheaper for veterans to drive in Texas.

A program has passed that will allow select veterans to drive for free on Central Texas toll roads.

Those roads include the 183A, the 290, the 71 toll lane, and the future 183 South and SH 45SW toll roads.

KVUE is reporting that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Board of Directors authorized the Qualified Veterans Toll Discount Program at the July 25th Board of Directors Meeting by a unanimous vote.

The free tolls will be for a select group of veterans including disabled veterans, Legion of Valor, or Medal of Honor recipients. Those who wish to participate in the program will be required to register with the agency using the online portal on the Mobility Authority website.

Other restrictions will apply, it is a government program after all. Plus, the program won't take effect until November 1st, so you'll be responsible for any fees prior to the 1st of November.

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