Nominations continue to roll in for President Trump for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize as he received his third nomination, this time from a group of Australian legal professors:

Fox 7 Austin reports that Australian Legal Scholar David Flint told Sky News Australia, "What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided he would no longer have America involved in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts imposed on America."

President Trump's negotiation of a peace agreement between Isreal and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been a driving force behind those nominating him for the Peace Prize, having been nominated by the Australian group, the Norwegian Parliament, and by the Swedish Parliament.

Flint said, "What Trump did is he went ahead and negotiated against all advice, but he did it with common sense. He negotiated directly with the Arab states concerned and Israel and brought them together."

The President's work on the deal between Serbia and Kosovo is another reason for multiple nominations. Back on September 10th, the President told Fox Radio, "It's a great honor to be nominated, and I know it has tremendous significance. I just think it's a great thing for our country. It shows that we're trying to make peace, not war all the time."

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