For those of you wondering why the banks are closed today, it's because its a holiday. I believe it's called Presidents day.

A lot of children act a President everyday when the stomp their feet and throw a fit in the grocery store until they get what they want. Others act like a President when they verbally abuse someone. Then there's the ones who act like a President when they flat out lie and make up facts about people and situations, then claim that if you don't believe it you're the idiot.

If you don't want to act like a Presidential D-Bag, but yet still want to be Presidential, try eating like a President.

Sure, you could just hit up the first fast-food joint you see, but, if like others, you are short on cash because your refund  wasn't as high as you were promised, you can eat at home and try these ideas.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
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President George H.W. Bush was said to like popcorn the most of all. That's a cheap meal that, turns out, is Presidential.

George W. Bush Library Dedication Attended By President Obama And Former Presidents
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Jimmy Carter enjoyed Goat Cheese Grits with Red Eye Gravy, Country Ham and a Fried Egg. How is this man still alive!?

Thomas Jefferson sampled waffles for the first time when he was in Holland and enjoyed them so much he bought a waffle iron. So some time today eat some waffles with your side piece and you'll be Presidential.

Bill Clinton enjoyed porkin'. I.E. Grilled Pork Burgers. Doesn't say if that was before or after someone young enough to be his daughter got through milking him. But, to be honest, either activity will be considered to be Presidential today. Enjoy.

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