The End of the World mongers just don't want to forget about Planet X.

We announced back in September about the end of world because of Planet X.

Yea, didn't happen. I blamed Ben Franklin. Damn time change. I guess they did as well, because they rechecked their math and said the world would end in October. Yea, I didn't even pay attention, and neither did Planet X, because it didn't happen again.

Third times the charm? We'll see. These idiots have changed the end of the world date to 11/19/2017.

Of course I'm taking this as seriously as space ships using the pyramids and landing pads. (Stargate reference).

That being said. The wind has caused two power outages so far as I write this "fake news".

If you want to drink the crazy-aid, watch the video. See you Monday.

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