Hewitt Police have issued a warning to parents about some mobile apps they need to make sure are not on their child's phone.

KWTX reports that Chief Jim Devlin of the Hewitt Police Department decided to look into some of the apps that could be a concern. This happened after the Snap Map issues that were reported a while back. He said four stood out.

First up was HouseParty. This is a video group chat app. It's designed for teens. Friends can see the chat and take secret screenshots.

Next is Omegle. Another video chat for teens. This one sets up a one-on-one chat with total strangers. For some reason the "don't talk to strangers" rule goes out the window here as you invite strangers to talk to you.

Then there's Down, the app that advertises "The secret way for you to get down with people nearby!"

Last is Hot or Not. As if going through puberty wasn't hard enough on it's own, this app invites people to rate you on your looks. Not a good app for a person's self-esteem. The last two apps are rated M for mature, but there's really no way to make sure the user is 17.




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