A new Harris Poll finds that we Americans are willing to spend more to keep our favorite restaurants in business.

COVID-19, and the lock down that followed, left many businesses trying to figure out how to adapt and survive. Sadly, some have just decided to close their doors for good.

But not all.

Food costs have gone up and restaurants have had to raise their prices in order to to be able to turn a profit and keep operating costs affordable. The good news is that it appears that most Americans are willing to spend a little more if it means that our favorite restaurant can stay open.

Here's what that Harris poll finds:

  • 78% of Americans are worried about local restaurants gong out of business.
  • 66% say they're cool with restaurants raising prices to help them recover losses.
  • A third of people are willing to pay an 8% surcharge on food and alcohol.
  • 72% are willing to pay at least 1% on their total bill
  • 27% are willing to pay up to 8% on their entire bill.

But people have different ideas on how that surcharge should be applied.

  • 41% of people say there should be some sort of notification of an increased price before ordering.
  • 25% believe it should be an optional surcharge on the bill.
  • 24% think restaurants should simply encourage higher than normal tips.

I have a few favorite places I like to eat at and I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Sounds like most people do.

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