Excuse me if I come across as a little greedy, but I want Whataburger to stay here in Texas where it belongs.

Let's flashback to 2018, when Texas native Patrick Mahomes won the NFL MVP. He let it be known at that point that his favorite ketchup was from Whataburger. He told Whataburger via Tweet that it was time for a Whataburger in KC.

Now it looks like he'll get his wish, as Whataburger is looking to expand to both Tennessee and Missouri. For those that need the help, Kansas City is in Missouri.

Just to be clear, Whataburger has 834 locations with most locations here in Texas, but there are also locations in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Oklahoma. I don't even want to talk about its Chicago ties...


James Turcotte, senior vice president of real estate for Whataburger, told Business Journal that Kansas City has been chosen as a test market for expansion.

"It's a natural expansion for us. It fits our customer profile. It fits our supply networks, and we think that those markets are a good fit for us and that they line up with what we do here in Texas."

Tennessee is also on the test market list as is other Eastern locations, specifically in the southern region.

Yea, I'm a little greedy and would love for Whataburger to be strictly a 'Texas thing', but that's a battle I'll never win. And for the record, In-n-Out burger sucks -  especially their fries!

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