K Rock's ATM Overload
is a chance to get your lazy thirty-something kid to move out of the house!

Like Mark and Christina in the story above, there are plenty of people who have a kid living in the basement who just isn't going anywhere. If you win $5000, you can offer it to them with the condition they move out and learn some self-sufficiency.

The Rotondo Family have asked their son to get out several times. He won't go. Now they are headed to court. I don't know what is worse. That he won't leave, or that the parents let it go this far in the first place. They served their son 5 different notices asking him to leave before finally trying to get a court to step in. Their son's defense say's his parent's notes asking him to leave are not legally binding. I imagine this was a child who was never spanked.

Michael Rotondo (the son) claims his parents have never asked him for rent or to take part in chores the entire time he has lived there. He says his parent's attempts to make him leave are retaliatory. Does this guy realize it's THEIR house?

Cnycentral.com has published several of the letters Michael's parents have given to him asking him to move out. It's hard not to want to laugh or cry. We may know as early as tomorrow if this case is gonna get tossed or not. There is a hearing scheduled for May 22nd with the Rotondo family in the Supreme Court of New York State.

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