Texas is a large state of 254 counties, but one county has managed to fend off the Coronavirus.

According to a report from WFAA, one Texas county hasn't reported a single positive COVID-19 test, something truly miraculous in the midst of a pandemic.

Loving County, which is 40 miles Northwest of Pecos in West Texas, is the second-least populous county in the United States after Kalawao County, Hawaii and the least populous of the contiguous United States based on the 2010 census.

Loving actually only has 169 residents spread over 677 square miles, so I'm guessing maintaining a social distance isn't a hard thing to do. USA Today reports that only 2 other counties in the US have also reported 0 positive cases of the coronavirus.

Esmeralda County in Nevada and Skagway in Alaska are the only other counties who have managed to elude the virus. Although, that doesn't mean that they aren't feeling the effects of the pandemic. Tourism is down, and so are the jobs that would usually come with it.

Please remember to stay safe out there by washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, and social distancing. We're all in this together, and taking these simple steps can help slow the spread of the virus.

For information about COVID-19 cases in Bell County, visit the Bell County COVID-19 Dashboard.

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