Because of the overly robust toilet paper runs people have made this month, some of us still don't have enough.  The situation's led to a lot of toilet paper "alternatives" being flushed.  Now people are worried it could back up sewage systems.  So let's take a second to review the top things you should NOT be flushing according to The Daily Mail

1.  Wet wipes.  Even if they say "flushable," it's not true.  They don't break down like toilet paper does.  So they can clog your plumbing, or your local sewage system if enough people do it.  The same applies for baby wipes and moist towelettes.

2.  Paper towels, and even tissues.  They're not designed to break down in water like toilet paper is.

3.  Antibacterial wipes, like those Clorox wipes everyone stocked up on.  Hopefully you haven't resorted to using THOSE in the bathroom.  But in any case, don't flush them.

4.  Lady products, including tampons.  If you normally flush them, now's the time to break that habit.  The same applies for Q-tips and cotton pads.

5.  Condoms.  Sewage treatment plants have to deal with them a lot.  But it's even more important to stop flushing them right now.

6.  Dental floss.  It can wrap around stuff and cause blockages.  You also shouldn't flush HAIR for the same reason.

You'd think this would be common sense and common knowledge, but if recent events have taught us anything it's that many people are short on both right now.

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