If you're a smoker, you might want to avoid Nolanville, Texas.

Lady Smoking
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In case you missed it, KWTX is reporting that Nolanville City Council approved changes to the city's smoking ordinance Thursday night.

The vote was 3-2, and that means it's now illegal to smoke in a car with a minor present. This was proposed by Councilwoman Joan Hinshaw.

She also requested adding the definition of secondhand smoke to the ordinance and including beverage shops as places where smoking is prohibited to ensure that juice and smoothie cafes are included in the same cluse that covers restaurants.

The new ordinance also requires hotels and motels to be 100% smoke free. This is despite protest that the provision would keep major chains from setting up shop in the city.

If your thinking about it, no. There are no hotels or motels currently in Nolanville. Feel free to start laughing now.

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