It seems only fair. We get the humidity from the Gulf of Mexico, so why shouldn't we be able to surf the waves. Well, now we can.

Doing everything they can to live up to the sell line of "Keep Austin Weird", you can now surf in Austin.

And this is not some pool surfing at a water park, this is a natural made lagoon with large, real, waves. The wave runs for 600 yards and there's no chance of being attacked by sharks or jellyfish - bonus!

It's called Wavegarden, in the NLand Surf Park, and they've tried to emulate a Waikiki wave. It is a perfect place to practice for the Olympics. Yes, Surfing will be an Olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo Summer games.


Looking forward to the set of waves coming to Austin #perfectsets #nlandsurfpark #constantwaves


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There are at least a half-dozen outfits trying to give the land locked a surfing outlet. NLand is being developed by Doug Coors, of the Coors beer family. He is now in the final testing point after millions of dollars and decades of effort. People are now optimistic that land-locked surfing will now be truly possible.


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