Interstate 14 expansion continues, and that means the usual headache of lane closures. However, this one shouldn't be too bad as long as drivers are aware and alert.

Beginning tonight (October 20), the inside eastbound lane of I-14 from one mile west of FM 1670 to Connell Street in Belton will be closed from 7 PM to 6 AM. The inside lane will be closed during the same time period until work being done in the area is completed Saturday morning, October 24.

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The work happening this week is part of the ongoing 'Phase 3' project, in which the Texas Department of Transportation is going to widen I-14 from two lanes to three in both directions.

Over the next few nights, TxDOT crews will be hauling materials and placing barriers in the area of the eastbound lane closure. If your commute takes you through there, please be on the lookout for workers, equipment, and, of course, other drivers who may not be paying attention or doing what they ought to be doing. Watch your speed, too. There are usually lower speed limits in work zones, which is meant to protect workers and you.

Lane closures are always annoying, but at least they're only closing one lane of this particular stretch overnight and not during peak rush hours.

Sure the ongoing construction can be annoying, but the Killeen-Temple area is a growin' boy. Try to see the bright side and think about all the businesses expected to put down roots here. Central Texas is a great place to live, and as more people figure that out, we'll definitely need the extra room on our roads.

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