So Russia is changing. Back in the 80s people got sent to Siberia when they failed to cause havoc in the West. For example, if you were to say, collude with a certain country's officials to rig an election. Well, you'd be sent to Siberia. No one knew what would happen to you when this happened. Well, I think the Iron Curtain has been peeled back too much.

A few weeks back the men in Siberia were shown to be having a "Slap" competition. Now the ladies are getting into it as well. Even though the Russian women are easily strong enough to slap up each other, no one wants to pay to see that, but, and I do mean butt, people would pay to watch women slap each others' booty. You win if you get the other lady to take a step forward.

Anastasia Zolotaya was one of the victorious ladies of the evening (phrasing). She's an internet goddess who works out a lot. Getcha Some!

I think this would be a great draw at the local strip clubs. Have the ladies compete for cash every Saturday night. Make it a dinner show and call it "Slappin Meat Saturday Night". Just a thought.

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