As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, businesses have had to adapt to meet health and safety requirements. Back in June of 2020, many venues in Texas were permitted to start selling beer, wine, and liquor with takeout food orders, and now there's a new bill that could make that a permanent feature.

HB 1024, authored by restaurant owner and Republican State Representative Charlie Geren, would allow businesses with mixed beverage permits to continue the practice of to-go alcohol sales, including delivery to homes, indefinitely.

I'm all for it, and really it's about time. The pandemic has brought us many new ways of doing things. Curbside delivery, home delivery, and the rise in businesses like Grubhub and  Door Dash have redefined how we get our groceries and food.

Alcohol to go is just another natural adaption in today's age. The mark up on alcoholic beverages at a restaurant is huge, about 20% to 30% of what it cost the restaurant. Without the ability to fill the restaurant to capacity, they can charge even more for both the food and the alcohol.

And people will still pay whatever the price.

At first it's just the novelty of it, like going to Las Vegas and cruising the strip with a adult beverage in your hands. It's fun to do it because you can't really do it when you're at home.

The 87th Texas legislative session has begun so we'll wait and see if this becomes a permanent law.

What do you think? Should alcohol to-go be a regular thing? Sound off in the comments!

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