You've probably noticed a new building under construction on FM 2410 in Harker Heights near the Walmart Neighborhood Market. If you couldn't guess by the framework, it's going to be a McDonald's.

Normally we'd sigh and think, "Oh. Ok, I guess." But recent events have caused us to become emotionally invested in McDonald's future endeavors.

On April Fool's Day, Cartoon Network snuck the season 3 premiere of America's favorite high-concept animated sci-fi adventure-comedy show, Rick & Morty. If you're not familiar, it's like a hard PG-13 version of Back to the Future, featuring a lot of obviously improvised lines and rants.

During the episode, mad genius Rick Sanchez went on such a rant, babbling on about a special McDonald's sauce 99% of the world's population (including me) had entirely forgotten about: a Szechuan sauce used to promote the 1998 Disney film 'Mulan'.


Fans are foaming at the mouth too, though. They've started a petition to bring the sauce back, and the effort has become something of a meme.

Personally, I don't remember the sauce. I'm willing to bet most of the people jumping on this bandwagon don't either. Still, it's fascinating to see yet another meme slowly turning into reality. And I guess I'm curious about the sauce too.

The timing would be perfect, too. Mulan is in line to become Disney's next live-action adaption of one of their animated classics. If they don't get Eddie Murphy back to play Mushu, I'll drive to LA and throw Szechuan-coated McNuggets at Disney CEO Robert Iger.


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